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Hi Tony,

Back in the 1970's my mother purchased a necklace from a church sale in New England. The nun there said that it had been donated by Elvis Presley.

It is black and silver ram's head necklace signed by RAZZA. It is in mint condition.

After her purchase, she sent photos (no internet then) to Graceland asking about its origin. She received a letter from Red West saying that although he could not verify that it was owned by Elvis, that it was something that he would have owned.

How can I research this or do you have any information that my help me in my search?

Thanks for your time!



First of all, let me apologize for being so late getting back to you.  My health has not been good.  

Is there any way now that you could send a photo of the necklace so I could see it?  If so, my email address is:

A photo would be a great help in identifying this necklace.  

Tony Trout

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