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I was wondering if Elvis' reaction to Buddy Holly's death was ever recorded? I'm sure he would have been informed while he was in Europe some how. I read that he offered to get Buddy in the Louisiana Hayride shows but when Buddy got down he was turned away by a radio station manager, and Elvis wasn't there at the time. I'm sure there was some level of sadness that one of his Rock'n'Roll colleagues who spoke highly of him came to such a tragic demise. So have you heard of anything in that area or Elvis' life or is it one of those private things we may never hear of until one day a letter is unearthed addressed to his mother speaking of it?

Elvis was understandably very distraught when he learned of Buddy Holly's death while stationed in Germany. Elvis wrote a letter to the Holly family expressing his condolences and apologizing for not being able to attend the funeral. Here is the link if you'd like to view the letter:

Thanks for your question - it was a good one!

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