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What color and material are the curtains in the sitting room and dinning rooms made of? Also,who picked them for their design and color and were they their when ELVIS lived there.

Hi Robert

Linda Thompson changed Graceland's colors to red in many ways, and the red curtains in Graceland during the holidays are  reminiscent of those days in the 70's. The blue curtains which hang there during other times of the year, may be a nod back to Gladys, Elvis' mother, who loved blue as did Elvis, and initially put up blue curtains in the 1950's when they as a family moved into Graceland.  

As for the fabric, I was there at holiday time a few years ago and the red ones were velvet, while blue ones I've seen there during the summer months tend to be a heavy cotton/drapery blend.  I mention these curtains are a nod back to the days Elvis lived there, because like everything else, things age and wear out and decompose.  Most of the furniture is preserved because few people have access to it, but Lisa Marie once remarked in an interview that even upstairs, they left it pretty much as when Elvis lived there, and Elvis' toothpaste tubes and some other toiletry items all burst and melted due to age. Priscilla has also been instrumental in color coordination of items in the touring part of the home and possibly the curtains before Linda and after Elvis' death.

I hope that answers your questions!


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