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Hi. i have a question here about Elvis marriage, Did Elvis knew about Priscella cheating on him?? did he agreed on open marriage! i've read that they had a big fight when he heard about her flirtation and affair rumor with her dance instructor 1968, but knowing Elvis' big macho ego and all that, i'm surprised, how he stayed with her if he knew she cheated on him !! and regarding Mike stone affair, some MM guys said they warned and told Elvis about Priscella affair, but he apparently didn't do anything because Priscella was the one who actually left not him!! i'm surprised because i thought Elvis had no problem having many affairs but he didn't want his woman/ wife to do the same but from what i've read, i think Elvis knew about Priscella cheating and YET wanted the marriage to continue!

Hi Sara-

Elvis found out Priscilla was cheating on him several times, and no, he did not agree to an open marriage. He arranged for Mike Stone to teach her karate, but then she pursued an affair with him because he was one of the most vicious tough fighters at that time, and even Chuck Norris didn't want to fight him. She felt this would allow her to leave Elvis, and it did.  A great book you can pick up on Amazon about her and how she handled Elvis is "Child Bride." She tried to sue the author - the  book is a gem of truth in a web tightly woven to keep truth out. Several other books written by her boyfriends after Elvis tell a similar story of control and manipulation by her.

Elvis sleep walked since he was a small child, and never slept alone. Most of it was non-sexual, but Elvis wasn't an angel either. Even the guys slept with him to  protect him when there were no girlfriends with him, to protect him  from walking away or out a window.

I remember one quote from a girlfriend "A little bit of Elvis to share is better than most whole men all to yourself." I have to agree. I would never have left like Priscilla did. It is my belief and many others that she hastened his death with her decisions and actions up and to the day of his death.  I believe he would have stayed with her forever, and he blamed himself publicly for the divorce. Up and till the day of his death, he supported Priscilla and was there for her.  

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