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I have had this picture of Elvis as a teenager for a very long time !He is sitting on the front porch of his old house in Tupelo where he lived with his parents. He has no shirt on , no date on the back of picture. But in the old days there were no dates on the back.Could this be a real picture. For comparison, I got a copy of the front of the home he grew up in and compared it with the background of the picture I have with Elvis in it. The background matches ! Could I have a real picture of Elvis as a young boy ?

Hello Dolores,

I have no way of knowing if this is a original, duplication or altered photo, nor if it is of Elvis or doctored to look like him. I have not seen your photo so I couldn't tell.

One way to get more info is to do some research. You know, the city of Tupelo, in conjunction with EPE, moved the Tupelo home and prettified it by painting it and placing it in a park in Tupelo, dedicated to Elvis.

Any old photos of Elvis around the home are very rare as the very poor didn't have cameras back then, for one thing.  Secondly, there are very few photos - one with his parents and one by himself on the side of a house, but no one is sure whether it was his house or one in the neighborhood. Only Vernon and Glady's would probably remember exactly where the photos were taken, as Elvis was very young in these, and so it will never be known for sure.

You might be able to date the paper stock the picture is on to that time frame, which  might be a help to you. You might also send a copy of the photo you have to Elvis Presley Enterprises or to Graceland by certified return receipt, for them to do some research for you on this. They have intensive archives at Graceland and may be able to know more, once they see a copy.  Do not send the original and keep it safe!

Go here to contact them:

Please let me know what you find out, and TCB!  

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