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Did you know that Gene Smith knew that Elvis was still alive.  He said so in his book.  Elvis's Man Friday.      I quote:
Therefore this account of Elvis's life to which I was an eyewitness can have no conclusion.  Because the only person who can conclusively tell us how it should all be concluded is Sivle Yelserp. In time to come.

Now you see, Sivle Yelserp is Elvis Presley backwards.

Hello, Bob

There are more Elvis fans than for any other public figure in history and likely always will be. An amazing one half of all fans believe Elvis is still alive.

I agree that there are some oddities surrounding  his death and recording of what happened at the time and later revisions that do not add up and likely never will.

I have talked to family and friends of Elvis who say that they love/loved Elvis and would do whatever it took/takes to protect his image and to protect him.  Very few of whom did much of any of this type of protection of him,  when he was still very visibly alive.....So, now they say they would  protect him,  if he is dead, they stand by it, and if he is alive, living in Michigan, Hawaii, or upstairs in Graceland,  no one will ever talk.

That being said, short of excavating his body, we will never know. But it is true that one of the number one wishes around the globe is to see him again. I myself wish he had a different story ending than the one he has now. His autopsy report will be opened and made public in 2025.  That will answer a lot and will bring several people to justice, hopefully, who will be the only ones remaining alive....

Vernon made a lot of  questionable choices concerning Elvis, to where Elvis really was out there alone with no guidance or protection as he was  trailblazing,  and I believe his dad's uneducated decisions hurt Elvis financially and in the perception of him too, in the decisions made following August 1977.

Be all this as it may, I cannot say with exactness if he is dead or alive. All his friends say he died August 16, 1977, but they'd say anything to protect him. And THAT is as far an ANYONE will ever get until 2025.


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