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Is Elvis still alive.  Watch this video on youtube, Priscilla says ''Its exactly what he said the other day''

Hi, I just watched your clip, it's a real good one, This sort of thing certainly adds fuel to the fire of anyone out there hoping Elvis is still alive, Unfortunatley Elvis passed away on 16th August 1977, However he is very much alive with his legacy of music that he has left behind for us.
I too wish he was still alive in person. I have met members of his family & friends seen their pain & tears in their eyes when they talk of how much they miss him, and I can promise you, there isn't an actor on the earth that could take that kind of emotion.
We are very much keeping him alive just talking if him, One of Elvis's biggest fears was that he would be soon forgotten after he died, He needn't have worried as here we are 36 years after he died wishing he was still here.
Kind Regards, Thomas

Presley, Elvis

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I can answer almost anything regarding the life of Elvis presley. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on his movie trivia although I know quite a bit about them.


I have studied close to 150 books every day for the last 20 years, met lots of his friends, been to lunch, dinners, church, kroger, and spent alot of time staying at one of his closest friends homes for the past 9 years. I don't claim to know everything about the man, but will answer when I can

Been in various clubs through the years, currently, I'm an Elvis Insider and a Destination Expert on Trip Advisor for Memphis

I have spent many weeks in Tupelo, many many months in Memphis over the past 10 years and spoken to ethier in person telephone or by e-mail all but 2 of the closest people to elvis that have been alive during these past 10 years, these 2 people being Red west and Lamar Fike, although I know friends of theirs. You can make that 4 people if you include Lisa & Cilla who although I've met I haven't spoke much with them, just hear a little of what Pricilla says through a third party

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