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How would you say Elvis changed history, and what would the world be like without Elvis?

Hi Madelyn

This question could take several books, to answer, actually.

Elvis was very possibly the most important figure in the 20th century. His influence changed everything - societal laws of race, economics of teens, clothing styles, music expression, and the hope of what could be, with a little rebellion.

He forever changed how tickets are sold for concerts, had the first music movie video (Jailhouse Rock dance scene) , first beach movie style,  first rock  documentary, he was the record holder for most tours in a year until the years of his death (almost all concerts sold out, sometimes 2 a day), first rocker to take his show to Vegas with a big band (sometimes 3 concerts a day !) , opened up multi-race band options for tours... did just so much....

And he had nearly a 3-octave range voice, the  only one of it's kind ever recorded to the point that opera singers were polled as to which voice if any they could have, and Elvis won hands down. Even Pavarotti only has about a 1 1/2 octave range, for comparison.

He is also in the Karate Hall of Fame at the same time his contemporaries were Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, Elvis also lead the pack as an 8th degree black belt in Kenpo and was working on a movie called The Gladiators before he died.

He also set the standard for amazing giving as a way of  life. Throughout his life, he loved Jesus and wanted more than anything to give his talent to the service of God. He also gave away most of all he had. When he passed it was found he was anonymously supporting more than 150 families he had found out had needs.  

Elvis was actually one of the most sensitive, talented, brilliantly gifted and humorous, loving, gentle, shy in person, but also raucous and adventurous humans to ever walk the earth. Not to mention a beauty both sexes couldn't take their eyes off of.

Elvis was just amazing and no one will be able to ever fully define him or his impact.  

Presley, Elvis

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