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QUESTION: I have a book written by Elvis nurse called 'Elvis Why Won't they leave you Alone. She claims he had bone cancer which was diagnosed in 1975. She said he knew he would never make it to his 45th birthday. If it's not true why would his nurse claim he had it? She claimed it was diagnosed in both legs. Why would she say something like that if it's not true? Any theories or ideas? Sorry offhand I can't remember her name but I think her first name was Marian.

elvis autopsy report 1
elvis autopsy report 1  
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elvis autopsy report 2  
ANSWER: dear Bernadette. the book was written by a Hollywood reporter called may mann. elvis and her became friends over the year, and she wrote 3 books; elvis and the colonel (1975), the private elvis (1977) and the book you are talking about, why won't they leave him alone ( 1982). she mainly wrote the books using the interviews she did with him, and the bonecancer story came from the last book. nobody knows for a fact if elvis did have bonecancer, but personally i don't think he had. i think he used the story as an excuse for why he took the very strong medicin made for treating pains for cancer illness. when he died, there was no indications that he was sick in that way. but who knows? i think, that if he had been diagnosed, it would not have been a secret, and that he would have spend much more time at home with his daughter instead of touring all the time. all his doctors and nurses from back then have never said anything of that kind ( cancer ) elvis told may mann himself, or she made it up. we will never know. here is a link you should try :

I hope you can use this answer, or else let me know.

tcb - rené

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QUESTION: If she's a reporter or journalist why does the book say she's his nurse? There couldn't be two books by different people with the same title could there? Offhand I'm not sure where the book is here at home but I'm certain ot says it's written by his nurse. I've had it for many years late 70s or early 80s. If I remember rightly the monthly magazine Elvis Monthly out at that time promoted it.


hi Bernadette. there is a book written by his nurse, her name is marion cooke. go to site:

it's called "I called him babe" (released 1979)

it's been a long time since I've read the May Mann book, so I don't know why it says she was his nurse? I will check up on that.

it's said that Elvis’s official death certificate won’t be released until 2027 and there are no existing photographs of Elvis’s body during the autopsy, so thats why no one know about the cancer story, if it's real or not.
here's another link (believe it or not) for you ;

or try:

maybe there has been a cover up, but why? if he had cancer,why not tell it? it would have killed the "drug addict elvis " stories that came around the time of his death.

But back to your question, the "why won't..." book is written by May Mann, gossip reporter, not his nurse. If I find any news on this, I will write to you here.

take care - rené

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