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I believe Elvis is dead. But just think of this. What if Elvis APPEARED to be dead because he wasn't responding to efforts to bring him round. What of he was later found to be still alive but his heartbeat had been so slow it was undetectable. The word had gone out he was dead. They wouldn't have been able to admit their mistake would they? I believe he's dead but what if what I've just said had happened?

hi Bernadette.
we can only take for granted what the people that found him has said, what the peramedicts on the scene said, and what the 12 doctors present at his autopsy said. he was dead when they found him. his stepbrother david Stanley said once; "when he was turned around, his face was blue, rigor mortis had set in, and he had almost bitten his tongue off and it was nearly Black." he died sometime between 9 in the morning and 12 noon.his face had pressmarks from laying face Down for a while on the floor. no matter what, officially he was pronounced dead. did you know two Guys wanted to kidnap his body? acording to the story that is why he was moved from his first resting place to graceland, about 2 month after the funeral. another fact is that 75,000 people waited to see his body laid out, but only 30,000 made it in to see him. hthey were all sure that he was gone.      go to:

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