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QUESTION: I was once on someone's yacht; and the owner showed me a rather large framed picture of Elvis, which he claimed that Elvis sent him because he could not attend a party on that yacht, named Ione 1V. The owner has passed away; but I would still like to know if this is a true story.  The yacht was docked on Lake St. Clair in MI.  

Thank you,

ANSWER: Chris,

Do you remember the name of the person?  How much did he tell about the photo and the story that Elvis couldn't attend the party?  Personally, I don't think it's a true story because I've never heard of this being mentioned, although there are a lot of things that Elvis did that have never been told.  

I'm really curious about this.  

Can you provide further info?  

Tony Trout

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QUESTION: The owner of the yacht, Ione 1V was a Mr.James Clarkson.  Mr. Clarkson of the Pontiac, Mi, area owned a few banks; and was on many committees that had to do with Oakland County, MI.  Obviously, he was a multi-millionaire, and a true gentleman.  This is why I believe he was telling the truth.  When he was giving me a tour of the craft, I noticed the rather large picture; and asked Mr. Clarkson if there was a story that went with the picture; and what he said, was, that Elvis was invited to attend a party on his yacht, but couldn't make it; and therefore, sent him the picture as a "thank you".  I have a picture of this picture; which I would be willing to send to you, if that would help.  I have a friend in Las Vegas that is friends with a lot of Elvis' old buddies.  My friend said that it could be a true story, as Elvis did do things like that.  Still curious.    I, actually, have another question that pertains to Elvis.  Last year, I received a dollar bill from a restaurant with my change.  I still have the bill and took a picture of it.  On it, there is a black shadow printed of Elvis in the famous stance, with the bellbottom pants and holding a microphone.  No one has an explanation for this dollar bill.  I would gladly send the blown up picture of it to you.  Thank you for your interest.  TCB     Chris


Would you be kind enough to send me a copy of the photo that Elvis supposedly gave Mr. Clarkson?  my email is:

Tony Trout

P.S.  I'm so sorry for getting back so late to you.  I've been fighting health issues and haven't been feeling well.  

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