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did Elvis have chest/leg hair? what bad habits does he have? and was he
ever scared of Thunder storms?

Hi, yes Elvis had chest & leg hair that became easier to see as he got older and it got darker naturally, A bad habit he had was never getting enough sleep though it wasn't his fault as he had insomnia.
Elvis has it ingrained in him to be aware of Tornadoes as one devastated Tupelo when he was a baby, Tupelo recently had massive tornado damage in a concentrated area. All people that have been affected with Tornadoes fear them, but that's nit the same as Thunderstorms  

Presley, Elvis

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I can answer almost anything regarding the life of Elvis presley. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on his movie trivia although I know quite a bit about them.


I have studied close to 150 books every day for the last 20 years, met lots of his friends, been to lunch, dinners, church, kroger, and spent alot of time staying at one of his closest friends homes for the past 9 years. I don't claim to know everything about the man, but will answer when I can

Been in various clubs through the years, currently, I'm an Elvis Insider and a Destination Expert on Trip Advisor for Memphis

I have spent many weeks in Tupelo, many many months in Memphis over the past 10 years and spoken to ethier in person telephone or by e-mail all but 2 of the closest people to elvis that have been alive during these past 10 years, these 2 people being Red west and Lamar Fike, although I know friends of theirs. You can make that 4 people if you include Lisa & Cilla who although I've met I haven't spoke much with them, just hear a little of what Pricilla says through a third party

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