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Good afternoon , hope you're well today. As a live long Elvis fan born long after he died & I adored him since I was young.
Could I ask you please a pleasant question then one not so much!
First I read different things - what was Elvis favourite song to sing ? I hear gospel & am leaving which I love but it's very sad also.
Also all the books that are about - conflicting information, people second guessing questions to who really was his friends who could he trust & who really towards the end helped him. I know nobody can really answer - which brings to my question which I hate to ask discuss , but now for people who didn't know Elvis at his best think of him in unflattering views - look . Unfortunately like a joke ,  I get so mad & upset ( & I didn't even know him) so I don't can't imagine how people close feel - apologies now for question why did they let Elvis be found - leaked to papers in such a unflattering way the numerous story's & arguments I have had - it seems they was no respect there - over here in the UK ( our press can be quite bad though not know for yruth) but they found him it quite a bad way with many many people seeing him. Why not cover him. Do you think it's true he was left for a while before the ambulance was called. Thank you apologies for long drawn question. I tried to word it right!!

Hi Nina,

Gospel was Elvis's favorite music to sing.

You're right, sadly, there is a lot of conflicting information about Elvis out there and it is upsetting and angering because if someone only heard about Elvis with what the media sometimes says, they would really get a wrong view of what Elvis was all about. Fans like yourself help to keep the good memory of Elvis out there and what a Legendary Icon he is.

There was a small amount of time before the ambulance was called but sadly it would not have mattered because Elvis had already passed away. I think better ways could have been done to let the public know about how he was found but there was such an enormous amount of confusion going on with the whole situation.

Thank you for the question and E-Mail me anytime.

Cory Cooper

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