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Do you have any details (date, venue, etc.) regarding a concert Elvis would've place in Seattle in 1958?  My cousin stopped in to stay a day or so on her way there for the show; I was only eight at the time but never forgot it.

With thanks.


Your cousin is mis-remembering the concert by one year - 1957 instead of 1958.  Elvis played in Seattle, WA @ Sicks Seattle Stadium on September 1, 1957.  He didn't perform any concerts in 1958 because he was both filming "King Creole" during January/February of '58 and he was inducted into the U.S. Army on March 24, 1958.  His last concert in the 1950s took place on November 11, 1957 @ Schofield Barracks Conroy Boxing Bowl in Honolulu HI @ (8:00 PM).    1,000 people were in attendance.  

I hope that helps.  :)

Tony T.  

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