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Sorry, but not about Elvis.

If you are the Mel Priddle who transcribed the lyrics for Noel Coward's "Bar on the Piccola Marina," my thanks and gratitude.

I have been puzzling over one word in the song ever since I bought the Las Vegas LP many decades ago. Thank you for coming up with "bibulously."

Hoboken, NJ

Hello Norman,

Yes, that was me. I am the co-founder of the lyrics site International Lyrics Playground, and transcribe lyrics on a regular basis.

You would be surprised at just how infrequent it is for someone to say thank you in appreciation of the work that goes into these transcriptions. So, it is very nice to receive your note of thanks.

Cheers ......... Mel.

Presley, Elvis

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For 50 years I have been listening to, buying and searching into the music of Elvis Presley. If you have a question relating to any song that Elvis recorded (officially, unofficially or privately), then I guarantee to give you an answer. Likewise with his movies. Questions relating to Elvis' private life I prefer to leave to others.


Ex-cinema manager, film publicist, record merchandiser, and Elvis music lover since 1955.

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