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QUESTION: Do you think that Elvis Presley had asthma his whole life ? and never showed it until the 1970's

ANSWER: Emily,

Asthma doesn't "wait" to show its symptoms.  If you're asthmatic, then the condition will rear its ugly head.  Elvis apparently suffered from breathing issues his entire life and once had to force a plane (not the Lisa Marie) to land due to breathing issues - but those particular issues at the time were caused by the drugs he was taking.  Also, certain drugs "depress" the CNS (Central Nervous System and they decrease your breathing ability.  Dilaudid, or synthetic morphine, which Elvis took on a daily basis has this kind of effect on the body.  

I hope this helps.

Take Care,
Tony Trout

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QUESTION: Are you sure that he did'nt have asthma ? I saw  it on his facts


Certain "facts" about Elvis have been proven otherwise over the years.  I feel like that if he had suffered with Asthma, it would have shown in his performances on stage or in his everyday life.

Hope that helps.

Take Care,
Tony Trout  

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