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Hi Beverly,
I would like to ask you a few questions:) could you tell me who all would Elvis help for a long time in his family apart from others that, he always said "the show must go on" as he had people depending on him even when he was told to rest and take time off? Was Elvis happy to some extent before he died? Was he in great pain? Did Ginger make him happy or was he just finding a shoulder to cry on and someone to be with? Was Larry with him before he died?
Was a Joe inspite of playing cat and mouse games between the colonel and Elvis ...a good friend to Elvis?
Was Larry really the only one Elvis could trust? Who did Elvis really open up with at the end?
thankyou Beverly and do have a nice day!
God bless, Tania

Hi Tania-- I may answer you in two parts since there are several questions. Let me comment here and expand later perhaps.
    I assume you are talking about Larry Geller? I guess all of this depends on who you talk to and whose perspective you see. I dont believe Larry was the only one Elvis could trust. For obvious reasons Elvis did discuss spiritual matters with Larry G. But you know Elvis actually opened up to the whole world the day of that press conference when he profoundly answered a question with "There's the man and there's the image and the image is very hard to live up to." Could anyone not have seen Elvis' pain at that time? The pain is also evident in the letter that Wayne Newton wrote a song about which was scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper when Elvis poured his heart out, yet retrieved and sold for thousands by an undisclosed "associate" of Elvis.
   Elvis was the bank for many and helped many though few give him credit for where they are today. Many family members lived in the mansion or in a mobile home on the grounds but dont tell this. Elvis brought his parents and granny Minnie Mae out of poverty and promised them they would never be poor again, and they werent.
    Had Elvis taken time off 300 families would have been without income. Elvis struggled with guilt from childhood as the surviving twin and after his mother's death and he felt he could not let anyone else down.
    I believe Elvis had both happiness (Lisa Marie) and sadness in his life when he died. I cant tell you if Ginger really made him happy, but Vernon did tell in a Good Housekeeping interview that Elvis had told him he was happy with Ginger and wanted to have a son with her. No one but God was with Elvis when he died though Ginger was in the bed outside the bathroom.
  Based on behaviors and statements made by his inner circle, Charlie Hodge was probably Elvis' truest friend and JD Sumners honored Elvis also. Jerry Schilling has not trampled his memory. The book written by the Wests and Marty that came out two weeks before Elvis' death devastated him. His torment and wounds from the book were haunting him when he died yet Billy reports that Elvis was looking forward to the concert tour they were to leave for that day. I believe Elvis' medical problems were worse than anyone ever knew. Take care and God Bless you Tania. Elvis love to ya

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