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Why do you think Elvis called his pet chimpanzee "Scatter?"

Hi Christopher,
Elvis bought Scatter from a man in Memphis. He was already called Scatter and apparently lived up to his name. When he entered the room...the women scattered. According to several sources, the chimp loved to get loaded up on booze and raise hell! He'd get drunk and look up the ladies' dresses. If the mood struck him, he'd stand up on a barstool next to a woman....well, you know where this story is going. Fill in the blanks.

One time, Elvis took him to the movie studio where he was filming. The chimp decided to go on a sightseeing tour and crawled up a drainpipe. He ended up in Sam Goldwyn's office. Mr. Goldwyn was the "G" in Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The head honcho of the be exact. So, Scatter decided to "relieve himself" on Mr. Goldwyn's desk.
Not his bladder, OK? The other one.
All of a sudden, Elvis got a phonecall from Goldwyn... telling him to, "Get that damn $%^#%* ape outta' here...NOW!"

After he bit a maid who was trying to feed him, he was moved into an air conditioned cage that Elvis had built for him at Graceland. Scatter passed away sometime in the late 1960's.

Thanks for your question, Christopher. It was really fun to answer that one! Let me know if I can help again, OK? Take it easy.

                             James Warner

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