Presley, Elvis/MY BOY! MY BOY!


Lynn wrote at 2008-02-14 15:47:17
I have always heard that this was an expression used frequently by Col. Parker, in referring to Elvis & his spectacular success as an entertainer.

dannie wrote at 2010-01-30 04:07:52
hi ;)

it is told (and im not beeing pervertic now) that it was an internal joke elvis used among his friends, ti joke around and let them know that he had an erection, f.eks. in 68 comeback special, in the outakes, when elvis and susan henning is about to do the "let your'self go" scenes, u can see at one point susan, stretching her leg, between elvis's, and then he says it again, and looks down :)

I've read it many places, so im not making it up, just trying to help :)


garyrobertstrickland wrote at 2011-03-17 20:28:37
Actually, Bill Mack (DJ and Rockabilly musician) is generally credited with the expression which implies that things are really going well. (I believe)  Elvis and Mack were friends from the early days and Elvis was fondly tipping his hat to the evening and to Mack, so to speak.  This is my understanding of the otherwise seemingly random comment.

James Brooks wrote at 2014-09-23 15:07:58
It is what he said when he got an erection.  Cause he called his penis lil elvis.  

Presley, Elvis

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