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Megan wrote at 2008-04-14 08:15:39
Hi you guys,

may I add a small correction>  Margrit Buergin was never Elvis' secretary in Bad Nauheim (Germany). She didn't even speak English. Worked for a company in Frankfurt, and was asked by a photographer if she'd like to have some pics taken with EP for a periodical/magazine (she was his type - he adored Brigitte Bardot). She agreed, a bunch of pics were taken walking with some kids ) After that they dated a few times. She always asked him where the were going, and informed the press. When EP found out, he broke off the relationship...

thank you

Megan wrote at 2008-04-14 08:23:58
Oh William, I forgot, I don't know which question had been asked, but one of the names you mentioned was Sigrid Schulz (not Schutz).She and her mom uaed to come from Mainz to see EP, and our families became friends.

EPs secretary was  Elizabeth Stefaniak, simply called "Liz"

bye, Megan

E-cat wrote at 2008-05-10 09:28:27
Cory, Margit was not Elvis secretary (that was Elisabeth S. Mansfield). Also, it could not have been any of the Lido Dancers you mentioned or Vera because Elvis never met these girls at the time Col. Parker sent this letter.

William, The Col was referring to Margit who Elvis met early Oct' 58 in Bad Homburg.  

Rosemarie Erickson wrote at 2008-06-25 22:39:35
Margrit Buergin never was Elvis' secretary in Germany. She was "a" secretary working in Frankfurt, who was asked by a reporter for a German magazin if she would do that reporter a favor and have some pics taken. She didn't even know who with. Later on Elvis and Margrit dated a few times until Elvis found out that she already had a book in the making, which never was finished or published.

His secretary's name was Elizabeth S. (known to everyone as "Liz"). She married Rex Mansfield

Siegrid Schutz was was fan who resided in Mainz, and came to Bad Nauheim with her mom a few times.  She had many pictures taken with Elvis

Rose wrote at 2009-09-01 08:20:48
Yes, it definitely was Margit Buergin, whom the Colonel referred to. After Elvis broke up with her, she insisted that it was she who did the 'dropping'. El discovered that she had pin-up photos taken which were published in the soldiers mag 'Overseas Weekly" and was in the process of writing a book. Elvis didn't care for that too much. She later on moved to the US.

peter wrote at 2012-01-23 18:40:39
Sigrid Schulz, other fans and Colombian Blanca Bustamante shared some pictures with Elvis in 1959 .The photographic material that reveals another stage of the young Elvis in Germany, has been placed in an auction, like almost everything in the King.The offspring of these women today is a group of fans and collectors. The son of Colombian Bustamante is one of the most recognized Elvis impersonators in South America.

elvisraretracks wrote at 2015-01-10 00:13:06
Elvis in Germany  with Sigrid Schütz and Blanca Luz Bustamante a Colombian Fan. She was the mother of Marco T. a recognized elvis impersonator in southamerica.Before playing soccer with his friends in the meadow close to Goethe. the girls was staying at Uhland Street.¬if_t=like

rustyp30 wrote at 2015-02-20 12:40:48
it was either tschowa or bürgin

bürgin was from frankfurt and was by no means elvis'secretary,she may have worked as one though.

elvis secretary was nelisabeth stefaniak later wife of rex mansfield and romantically linked to elvis.

elvis may have played around wit5h club dancers didnt really date one though

fiften year old heli priemel met elvis only the following year and priscilla even later in october 1959

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