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I Love Lucy wrote at 2007-08-16 17:42:07
Why would someone sacrifice a particular child and expose other children from the same family to terrible scrutiny by making up a story like "Are You Lonesome Tonight" ?

Lucy de Barbin's story covers decades - why would she want to make it into such a long time frame with a lot more chance of exposure if it were a hoax.

Lucy has covered details in her book about events that had not been written up in other Elvis books until a lot later, small insignificant events that sometimes surfaced years later as being historically or geographically correct.

How could Lucy have known all these things, unless she lived them .....

Priscilla appears to be a lot more fancifull in her book "Elvis And Me", especially about Elvis's apparent willingnes to marry her.

If we're going to get doubtful about the truth, Priscilla has a lot more to answer for than Lucy de Barbin and Desiree....

kw wrote at 2008-08-20 05:08:26
Elvis was buried with a bracelet. Lisa Marie asked the funeral director to place it on Elvis' wrist as she was afraid to. Pricilla asked the director to cover up the bracelet with Elvis' sleeve, so as to hide it from anybody who might want to steal it. Not sure which bracelet it was.


rusty wrote at 2009-08-23 15:05:59
honestly, ms lucy de barbins life was more hardship and torture than anything else

why should she open up to the public about her ill fortune if it was not to show the fans and all other people actually what a wonderful person elvis was?

would you reveal yourself in such a fashion before te whole wide world if everything was only made up?

has ms de barbin described elvis differently than all the other people who have known and spoken about him?

why should elvis not have sought a normal relationship after all this craziness he had to endure?

how can anybody be so arrogant as to judge what is true and what fiction?

why do we have to question this anyway?

ms de barbin shows us that elvis was sometimes happy even at the end of his life and that she was responsible.

i am grateful to ms de barbin that she at least was willing to help him and stand by him when the others around him were busy to know who was his best friend!!!

ms de barbin,thx for being there for elvis!!!


Debbie wrote at 2010-01-06 14:32:10
I have read Are You Lonesome Tonight twice and l believe the story. In the book Elvis by the Presleys, Priscilla  said that Elvis went missing for a couple of days  after a fight with his dad over the colonial. He ended up in Washington. Lucy wrote about this in her book years before.  

Beverley wrote at 2011-02-27 19:46:50
Hi Beverley here. yes i have read the book lucy & elvis & i beleive in lucy i realy do . I can't see why she would write a book that was not true. I loved reading the book very sad for them both but a beautiful love story that went for 24 years . did lisa get to meet lucy & dessire i realy hope so . sad that elvis trusted so many people who were ment to be his friends  hope they are living with what they did to him thankyou kindly  

Naomi wrote at 2012-10-27 09:37:07
I have read the book, and totally, wholeheartedly believe Lucy De Barbin is telling the truth.  I can't begin to fathom how anyone could think otherwise.

I would love to know more about her and her daughter and how they are getting on in life.  

After all (if the tests were done) that would be, the king himself's, Elvis Presley' daughter. Flesh, blood, and DNA, no matter how you would choose to look at it.

I only wish he had more children, illegitimate or not.

PS:  Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings on the book.

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