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danny wrote at 2008-03-16 20:11:31
i believe that Elvis was devoted to Jesus Christ our lord before he was must remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and ones you have taken Jesus into your heart and your life which i believe the Elvis did.jesus becomes your savior and protecter and no amount of sins will ever change that.I believe that elvis followd jesus and he now walks with the lord in heavan and the king of rock and roll is at peace and will forever be in our hearts.

Sally wrote at 2011-08-06 22:31:34
I am a fan of Elvis too - I am a Canadian and was born in 1953- so I have been influenced by the previous generation

Recently as far back as 2 years ago- I recall a Christian writer saying Elvis is in heaven- her name is Kat Kerr and she claims that Jesus has taken her to heaven many times. Based on this - it is not hard to believe Elvis made it to heaven because he had a loving and forgiving nature and was not ashamed of the name of Christ  

Wilbur Donegan wrote at 2012-10-09 08:18:39
I believe the word of God to be the authority on spiritual matters of life and death as I hope you do also.  When I look at Elvis Presley's life in light of God's word I tremble at the clear and explicit implications and I rejoice that God actually created twins for a reason.  I know for a fact that when I go to heaven I will see Jesse Presley, who has another name and may very well resemble Elvis Presley if in fact they were identical twins.  As for Elvis Presley there is a staggering amount of biblical context that preclude him from heaven.  There is no clause, provision, loophole, pass, or even wishful thought Biblically that would have allowed him into heaven.  Many texts can be cited but I want to sum up briefly what the Bible clearly teaches about "who" gets to heaven.  The Bible clearly teaches that we cannot pursue living our best life on earth filled with pleasures and riches, making no sacrifice of self denial and the taking up of our cross, and being crucified with Christ and dying  to ourselves and suffering the despisement of the world which rejects be him, and expect to enter heaven.  No amount of goodwill, piety, generosity, sweetness, religiosity, pleasing others or singing gospel songs can stand as a test for being a true Christian.  Seeing no objective fruit of repentance and seeing someone living their best opulent life on earth now should be a dead give away as to what they have in store for eternity.  Having conducted years of research on Elvis' life I clearly understand the magnitude and bigger than life legacy and staggering achievements of the man, but any true Christian who outs the word of God above and beyond his biases, feelings and sentiments has to conclude that Elvis Presley lost his soul.  To affirm that hard truth one has to just remember the final moments of Elvis Presley on earth.  He was living in fornication with Ginger Alden and while heavily drugged he went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and was looking at a book.  According to the investigative team on the scene that book was not the Bible as others claimed.  It was a porn magazine.  Elvis was found with his pajama pants down, as he had collapsed from the toilet to his death and the descriptive tragedy as far as the investigative team could decipher was that Elvis, when he felt or saw death coming for him, threw the magazine at the angel of death in terror and collapsed and slipped into eternity.  That is the image of the testament of the decadent, arrogant, narcissistic, god mocking, drug dependent, insatiably lustful legacy of the so called king of rock and roll. He had it all on earth and embraced false religions and in death he missed heaven which is promised and reserved to those who deny themselves, are contrite and poor in spirit and long only to please God on a daily basis, and in pleasing God demonstrate the fruits that true repentance brings forth.  

John Donegan wrote at 2013-01-24 00:04:32
Elvis Presley had a phenomenal story of rags to riches with spiritual aspects in his life as well.  However if we take God's word, the bible at face value and as the only authority on matters of life and death and the afterlife we have to conclude that Elvis lost his soul.  Although he alluded to God at times his life and witness testimonies of his spiritual decadence confirm that Elvis served himself and his whims.  He may have been kind natured and generous but that does not qualify entrance into heaven.  To get to heaven one must deny himself and his lusts and abandon his will to please and serve God alone.  He must love God above all else and their life must reflect that.  Elvis never gave any sign of a life pleasing to God.  His last moments on earth were lived in his usual sinful manner of abusing drugs and having a live in lover.  He died in the same mansion where he held orgies with his friends and his lust for materialism was the usual as well.  Elvis died pump full of drugs and reading a porn magazine prior to death, and that was confirmed by the investigator at the scene of his death.  Elvis Presley is in eternal torment

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