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jcblanco67 wrote at 2009-07-26 06:44:18
Please allow me to comment.  Faking one's death is NOT a crime unless the person faking their death attempts to receive a benefit (ie.  faking your death to receive life insurance benefits.  We know that neither Priscilla nor Lisa Marie claimed life insurance benefits on behalf of Elvis' death, although they could have #well, maybe Lisa Marie b/c she was the daughter of Elvis#.  Why hasn't a claim ever been made against Elvis' life insurance policy?  THAT would be a crime.  I am a believer that Elvis did not die on 8/16/1977.  I believe that he was so far gone beyond what he felt he should be as an entertainer #Elvis loved his fans; loved the fact that he was an idol, but felt he could not live up to his "persona."  As such, I believe that Elvis did in fact fake his death.  Better yet, I would LIKE to believe that this is the case.  I like many millions, yes millions of fans out there who IDOLIZED Elvis want to believe that he never died and will make an appearance before I die.  I have ben to Graceland on several occasions.  I have studied all information on the "net".  I have bought almost every book out there about Elvis. On the other hand, I now accept that if Elvis did not die on 8/16/1977, he may have passed sometime afterward.  All I can say is that Elvis was more than an entertainer; he was an inspiration.  Wherever he may be, I send my love and utmost admiration to him, for he was TRULY the king; not only of Rock and Roll, but the King in all aspects of life.  He gave of himself and expected nothing  in return.  I have always been of the mindset that we should exhume the "body" that lies in the coffin to confirm the million of fans' who still believe he is alive.  Hell, he would be 74 or 75 now. However, the only photo taken at Elvis' "funeral" demonstrated that the body in the coffin was NOT Elvis Presley.  For instance, in the case of Michael Jackson, we saw him being carried away on a gurney (spelling?) out of his home.  However, there is no solid proof that Elvis when he allegedly passed away, was actually taken from Graceland.  Why have the paramedics who provided first aid never come forward and testified to the facts?  Why did Vernon Presley close off the upstairs of Graceland right after Elvis' alleged demise?  Why did the police and investigators find very little evidence (jewelry, books, etc) of Elvis at the crime scene?  Even if you believe that Elvis passed away, there are many unanswered questions even after 32 years of Elvis' death.  I don't know.  Maybe I love Elvis so much that I still cannot accept that he's gone......

catfish wrote at 2013-03-09 21:32:39
I rewatched his last concert and it looked like he still was going strong voice sounded great and he wasn't huge  he looked good for his age so why is this still such a big mystery I hope he is still alive and happy but I truly believe if he was he would still be performing alittle like johnny cash did writing great songs or duets with others

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