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hi. my HP4480 has issues with it's scanning light. I can print from my computer but when trying to make a copy, I notice the light is extremely dim compared to normal. copies come out completely white and there are no error messages. I am aware that this is a hardware issue but live in a 3rd world country and would like to know if there is anything i can do (reseat a connection or change a fuse...)any advice is appreciated as there is no feasible way for me to get a new printer in the foreseeable future. thank you

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry, but there is not quick fix. The lamp is probably at the end of it's useful life, and needs to be replaced. It is not a simple task, and if you're not hardware oriented, you may want to take it to the HP Service Center. For what HP will probably charge you for it, you may want to look for a new multi-function printer.


Printer mechanical problems

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