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I have an canon mf4320-4350 printer.

I know its not wifi compatible but i want your advice on a workaround i propose.

Sir, we earlier had a cable lan and now we have shifted over wifi on same lan instead of cables.

So is there any way we can share the printer over cable lan, and we can access it wirelessly over the same lan through wifi aceespoint attached to this lan, through which we access internet.

I am sorry sir, for i may be bit clumsy in explaination, but do help me.

Thanks and Namaste.

I hope I am able to help you in this matter.

It is actually relatively easy to share a printer across a network in Windows Vista/7. This will enable all PCs on the network to access the printer whether they are connected via cable or via wireless. The only down side is that the computer it is attached to via USB will have to be turned on in order for others on the network to access it.

I have recently written a couple of guides on the subject and linked them below:

Vista -
Windows 7 -

I am confident this is the answer you were looking for. If however I have misunderstood your question please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Printer mechanical problems

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