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hi Matt!

I have a HP DeskJet 841C. From time to  time, the print copy shows a speck (of toner ink??) this is not good.
What to do? Do I need to clean the cartridges? If so, how is it done?
the printer manual talks about an HP Toolbox, but I can't find it. I Googled the topic, but without success.
Can you help? is the problem that of dirty cartridge, or is it something else?
I look forward to your reply

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For some reason I had not received conformation of a new printer question.

If the speck is appearing regularly in the same position horizontally then it is likely to be down to a drop of ink on a roller ect inside the printer. This should work its way out by itself eventually, but you may see traces for some time. If you wanted to clean it yourself try opening up the printer and look for any ink on rollers (you should be able to approximate position from your prints). Turn the rollers gently for a single rotation if the ink is not immediately evident.

If however the ink speck appears sporadically it may be just dripping directly from the relevant cartridge as it moves back and forth within the printer. This could be caused by a small blockage, dried ink or even a worn printhead (as these cartridges are a little long in the tooth now). Sadly your printer does not have any automated cleaning cycles so I would recommend the following:

-Remove the relevant cartridge from the printer.
-Firmly wipe the printhead on the underside of the cartridge with a dry piece of kitchen tissue 2-3 times.
-Reinstall the cartridge.
-Continue printing.

If the problem continues try again, but slightly dampen the tissue with warm water. Ink comes directly from the cartridge in your printer so if the problem persists a replacement cartridge should sort it.

Hope this helps.

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