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QUESTION: This is a serious questions - I really do have an actual live mouse stuck in my printer.  It looks like its head is stuck on/under the rubber part of one of the paper guides.  It is still alive and I really don't want it to die.  I brought my printer outside and tried to figure out how to remove the metal, piece that is visible when you open it up.  Its the metal part that goes across the printer (fuser maybe) as the rubber bit is on the underside of it.  There's a picture attached.

ANSWER: Hi Carla,

Thanks for the message, wow, that is really something I've not heard before. If I'm being entirely honest with you, I've never had to take apart one of these printers so would genuinely struggle to give you any advice that would be beneficial, other than systematically taking the printer apart bit by bit carefully yourself. Its quite difficult to determine exactly the best part to remove, as its hard to know how the mouse got into the printer and thus the best way to remove it.

The best advice I can give really might be worth just popping on a pair of gloves and try and wriggle the mouse free with a finger (As you've got the printer outside now, I'm assuming its turned off) as with any luck it will try to head back the way it came or if you're feeling particularly brave, try and scoop it up (if its going to be physically possible at any point).

I'm really sorry I can't be of more help, but I do wish you the very best of luck in hopefully getting the mouse out.

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inside of printer
inside of printer  
QUESTION: It has been trying to remove itself when I was trying to turn the rollers to see if that would release it, but it is stuck.  Its little feet were flailing away too.  Here's the part that I thought I might remove to free it in the pic below.  I couldn't find any other easy parts to remove and didn't want to ruin the printer.

I understand it is a weird request so just thought I see if the printer photo might help.

Hi Carla,

Thanks for the reply, I'm really sorry but this is a bit outside my area of expertise and ultimately, I'm not sure what I can suggest which is going preserve both the mouse and the printer.

I'd advise getting in contact with HP technical support as they will hopefully be able to take you through the exact sequence of parts that need to be removed in order to help out, but sadly, I can't really help any further.

I truly wish you all the best and if you could let me know how you get on, that would be truly appreciated.

Printer mechanical problems

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