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I get flashing light indicating something is wrong with the cartridge.  I've replaced both cartridges and yet the light still flashes for the color cartridge.  Any ideas?

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your printer.

First of all I would recommend connecting the printer to your computer and attempting to print something. You will then receive a message on screen giving more details as to the nature of the problem. This message is likely to either be that the ink level estimate of the cartridge is low or that your printer cannot recognise the cartridge.

If the message is a low ink warning and the cartridge is not a refilled/remanufactured cartridge then I would take it back to wherever it was purchased from. A brand new cartridge should not be behaving like this. If however you purchased the cartridge as a refurbished unit or have refilled it yourself then this message is perfectly normal and should not in itself stop your printer from trying to print.

If however your printer is stating that is cannot recognise the cartridge then I would recommend the following steps.

-Remove the relevant cartridge from the printer.
-Wipe the gold contacts on the copper strip found on the front of the cartridge with a piece of kitchen tissue (or other non fibrous tissue).
-Wipe the corresponding contacts inside the printer with another clean piece of tissue.
-Turn the printer off.
-Wait 30 seconds.
-Turn the printer back on again.
-Reinstall the printer cartridge.

If the cartridge is not recognised it may be that you have genuinely received a defective printer cartridge. I would advise getting in touch with whoever the cartridge was purchased from to arrange a replacement.

Forgive me if my answer is a little vague but I am not aware of a model of HP printer that carries the model number 6800. I think your printer may be part of the HP Deskjet 6800 series, but this series covers several different printers and the advice given below may not be applicable to all models. If what I'm saying doesn't make any sense please do let me know the exact model number of your printer from the printer itself.

Please let me know how you get on.

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