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Hi, Matt,

Again, thank you so much for your help regarding cartridge refilling for the 61 cartridge. However, I am running into another problem with this printer.

As a teacher and leader of a little orchestra, I need to do huge amounts of printing, and the 61 black cartridge only prints about 180 pages when it's new. That's about $15 at Walmart, and I simply cannot afford it.

I was able to clean the print heads on some empty cartridges and get them to work a little. However, that 61 cartridge has an inside sponge that only takes up half the inside space on the cartridge. I have just tried refilling and using some three cartridges, and now I am getting these messages that say things like the cartridge is damaged, or whatever, and won't work; or that this is an HP cartridge that is being re-used. It wouldn't let me use any of the three cartridges I tried. Apparently that printer has a sensor of some kind that block my using a refilled cartridge.

What can I do? Is there some way around this problem? I've even thought about trying to find a used HP 1330 printer on EBay, because it uses the 21 cartridge, and I used to refill them all the time.

I will appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Sorry to hear you have continued to have problems. Whilst HP aren't particularly thrilled with the use of refilled cartridges and aren't shy about letting you know you are using one, the messages are normally pretty up-front and easily dismissed.

Whilst there is not "block" in place to stop you using a refilled cartridges it is pretty easy to disturb the electronic contacts when refilling to the point where the printer cannot recognise them. The electronic contacts are pretty sensitive and can easily be damaged or obscured by natural oils from your hands or ink/dirt. Damaged are dirty contacts become increasingly likely with subsequent refills of a cartridge and I think it is much more likely that this is what you have experienced.

In this instance I would recommend removing the cartridge(s) in question from your printer and doing the following:
-Remove the cartridge from the printer
-Turn the printer off from the machine itself
-Run a dry piece of non-fibrous tissue across the front of the cartridge firmly
-Turn the printer back on
-Re-install the cartridge again

As you have experienced this problem with multiple cartridges it may be that the corresponding contacts inside the printer have become dirty/obscurred/oxidized slightly. In this instance I would also recommend giving them a good wipe down too.

If however the problem continues it is likely that the contacts have been damaged and sadly the only alternative is replacing the cartridge.

I hope this helps.

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