Printer mechanical problems/Canon iP6600D Error Code 6A00


Barry wrote at 2007-06-04 20:00:02
I have just purchaced a canon pixma ip6600d printer from a friends friend. He said that its only printed a test sheet and all inks are full. When I got it home and pluged it in it comes up with error code 6A00. I phone canon support and they said to ring by local canon repairer. I rang them and they said a charge of £60 is what it needs to sorted unless printer head needs replacing then it would be more. I can't believe it's a big problem just finding someone that knows the repair required.

gigiwagner wrote at 2008-12-30 18:43:26
I have the Canon Pixma iP4000R printer. I had an error code of 6A00 and my power light was blinking/flashing green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange-green-orange (12 oranges).

I tried the “waste ink counter reset reset” procedure: Power on while holding the stop/reset button and pushing the service button twice, then pushing the stop/rest button 4 times to clear the error, but that didn’t work.

My ink cartridge carrier wasn't moving-staying in the center. I thought I had a paper jam.

I looked at a few blogs about my error on other Canon Pixma models and they kept talking about “sponges”.  

The following is what I discovered that cleared my error and now my printer is back to printing!

The “sponges” are 2 hard pieces of absorbing plastic or something of the like. I was looking for a softer material like the long thin gray foam strip material in my printer. The 2 "sponges" on my Pixma iP4000R were next to each other-one was rectangular and one was square-like. Originally they were white but the ink made them black/navy.

The "sponges" are located on the right under where the ink cartridge carrier "rests".

I didn't see the sponges at first, as there was a white backwards “L” shaped plastic piece that had a spring attached to it.  The “L” shaped  piece was moved forward out of its place. I used my pen tip and pushed that piece back and found that the rectangular "sponge" had popped out of its place.

I used a pen tip popped both “sponges” out and rinsed them with water and voila they were once again white. I think the rectangular one had so much ink on it it popped itself out of place.

My error is gone and I can print again!

Greg. wrote at 2009-05-24 02:07:51
the same error message was on my Canon MP800.  Thanks to this answer I looked for weird things around the print head parking area, and found a very black bit of scrunched paper jamming the cleaning mechanism.  Works fine now.

Lisa wrote at 2010-01-29 01:08:31
I cleaned the same area, but pushed the stop reset key while I turning the unit back on.  I kept pushing the reset button until the unit was completely warmed up.  It works!!!

Whetherpine wrote at 2012-01-21 14:53:20
Hey, I have pixma iP4500 and had the same problem so i did what gigiwagner sad. And it Works! Thanks so much for your guidance, but i was afraid to pull this sponges out for cleaning. So can you tell me what exactly i must do?

Gonzo wrote at 2012-11-13 20:31:44
gigiwagner : it works!! on my IP4500, was about to throw it away and now it is working like new.

100x thanks.

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