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Can you tell me what is the main differences in output of having a brochure, flyer, etc. printed on my desktop printer ink jet vs through a printing shop.
What are advantages and disadvantages?


Going through a print shop has these advantages:
Much wider range of paper (sizes, color, texture, weight, etc)
Wider range of ink colors
Lower cost per copy  if you have more than about 100 copies printed at the same time
Technical advice from the printer at no extra cost

Using your own ink jet printer has these advantages:
Lower cost per copy if you are printing only a few copies
Ability to make changes during the print run
Fewer communication problems between the client and the printer
A sense of accomplishment (I did it all by myself)


Printing, Bookbinding & Paper making

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printing and binding books. I wrote a book on this subject in 1995 (it is still in print) and am in the process of writing another. I use a scanner, Hewlett-Packard model 8100 laser printer, Xerox copier, etc to print books (and other items), and do most of the binding with adhesives (cold and hot), rather than sewing.

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