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I'm a college student and in need of birth control.  My family has health insurance, however my problem is that my parents can't know I need birth control. I've already tried the honesty route and it didn't work out well for anyone involved.  My question is if I use the family health insurance to get birth control,will my parents find out about it? I have no idea how insurance billing works as I've never had my own policy and until now my parents have always taken care of my medical needs.

If there is,a,drug benefit plan they could find out. But here is an idea. Go to the Dr for the exam. That is being a,responsible woman. Ask for samples or get a written rx and check online for pricing.
Doesn't your school have a clinic that you could go to for low cost? Or planned parenthood?
They might possibly know because you would be using their drug plan.
Let me know how you handle this and good for you that you are being proactive.


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