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Privacy of Medical Data/general message on virtual voicemail


I'm in california. My Dad is in England. My dad and I are very close and its important to me that a hospital would update him about how I'm doing after surgery,etc .To that end I've signed information release papers but even when I have given nurses a prepaid phonecard number and pin,they usually say they cant call internationally. So we are considering options. One is free voicemail that would go to dad's e-mail. Under hippa laws, with my permission could hospitals at least leave a general message for him to call them back for an update about me on such a system?

Best thing is to talk to hospital's HIPAA Compliance officer. Perhaps they can give you a designated person that your dad can call.  That is better than they trying to call him especially with the time difference.
Hope that this helps.  Giving the hospital the responsibility to call him is probably not the best way.
Good luck on your surgery.  


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