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My school is requiring me to either get a background check. or a letter from my employer, which is The Home Depot, that states that I have a background check on file at my job and the I have a clear record. When I was hired here, Home Depot did a background check on me and I was hired with a clear record. My school just wants a letter head from Home Depot from my the Human Resource lady saying I have had a check and I am clear. The HR lady at my work says the its against "privacy acts" to give me a letter simply stating I'm clear. Is this true or false information. I will deliver the letter to the school myself.

The Human Resources person is probably correct as she can't release private information such as the results of a background check to another institution without violating privacy issues.  We have a suggestion.  If you need a formal background check we charge only $75 and can send you a letter for the school with the results.  If you are interested, here is our website:

Once you enter the website. click on the Payment Button at the bottom and it will take you to our payment page.  After payment, then send us an email with your name, birthdate, etc., and we will get started.

Hope to hear from you.

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