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Private Investigations and Personal Security/Girlfriend ex also landlord comes into the house without notice and comes during late at night.


I want to ask you that is it illegal for a landlord to come in to a house my girlfriend rented with other roommates without notice and also comes later late at night. But the landlord is also my girlfriend's ex. The roommates in the house is my girlfriend's sister, a mother with 2 young daughters. Isn't he invaded their privacy too. Should I call the police for this situation or is there another solution?

Depending on where you live in most situations the landlord must give written notice before entering into the apartment.  In Ontario the notice must be writen and can simply be posted to the door.

I don't know if your in Canada or the U.S. so you will have to check the laws for your particular State or Province.

You are going to have to get evidence in order to be able to contact the police and lay charges and or lay a complaint or charge under your particuar Landlord & Tenant legislation.

I would be suggest you rent or buy a nanny cam and a recorder.  One that can write to dvd or a vcr.  It must record the date and time as well.  These nanny cams are cheaply purchased on ebay at very very low prices.  The company below can set you up with a full system for as low as $100.00 and will just send the video to your computer.  In fact you may be able to watch what is happening in the apartment live from another computer at your work for example.

I must stress again that you must be albe to record the date and time on the video you see.  It will be very relevant in any type of a court proceeding.   The time and date of each offence is very very important.

I would also advise you to make sure you do not record any audio video only.  

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