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   I would like to check the background of someone.  I know a little about this person, but would like to know
honesty, criminal record, etc. Going back some years.  Can you help, or refer me elswhere?

         Thanks, Dick


Conducting what is commonly called a "background check" of an individual is a very time-consuming task. There are many facets to such a check, including credit, criminal, residential history, educational, etc., depending on how much information you're looking to find out on this person.

What are you looking to find out will also depend on which background screening services you use. To do almost any sort of background check, a first & last name and last known address(including city and state) of residence are the two most common requirements. Generally, as with any search, the more information you have to work with, the better.  Also, while it may be unfortunate to say, people with poor credit and/or criminal convictions are easiest to find, as there is a bigger paper trail to work with.

While I would be glad to assist you in a check, the limit and scope of the background screenings as an criminal investigator are limited to the client I am in contract with. My services are selected and negotiated at a pre-determined cost, and as part of my contract terms, I am prohibited from seeking secondary employment of any kind while my contract is still in effect.

However, I can recommend some easy-to-use, relatively inexpensive online investigations sites that specifically deal with background screenings: - background searches begin at 49.95 and go up, based on what you need to find. - geared more directly towards criminal background searches, their checks begin at 19.99 and go up based on search parameters.

Just remember, like all products/services, you get what you pay for. Always check the authenticity of any site alleging to offer these services, and make sure they are licensed in their respective state(s) of service.  A basic informational search, which would often include current and commonly used names, current address(es), phone number(s), starts between $13-$50, and can go up to $150-$300 if you're looking for more detailed information, so please have an idea of how much you can spend in mind.  Lastly, be aware that while some information may be instantaneous, some more detailed information, such as finanical records, serious criminal convictions (such as sex offender registries), may take between 5-10 business days to collect.  Another option many overlook are social networking sites. Places such as myspace and facebook, if the individual does have an account at such a site, are often a wealth of information about the person including off-hours work habits, social circles, personal issues, etc. I recall one client I worked with I was doing employment criminal checks, one of the subjects being searched turned up negative on criminal checks, but when I discovered they had a MySpace site, on it they literally ran a side business selling and fencing stolen merchandise.  You'd be surprised how useful those sites can be.

I hope I was able to clarify and adequately offer assistance. If you need anything else, please feel free to reach out to me.



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