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Hi I had a quick question i am 19. out of no where oneday my boyfreind and
his parents filed a restraining order but whenever we communicated it was
through a text and they told me to not contact any of them several times but i
have continued to try and call or text my boyfriend because I thought
somone else could have been texting on his phone like his brother and I didnt
know if it was my boyfriend or not because he never answers or calls he
always texts. And now there saying there putting a restraining order on me?
is this possible or are they just trying to scare me? everything has been done
through texting. This is only half for the year we have been going out he I
havent told him my real name. And I got a call from an investigator yesterday
trying to meet with me and he said they filed a restraing order on me is that
possible if they dont even know where I am right now, or have been texting
not actually saying it on the phone so i didnt know? There saying its fraud

My friend has also been goign over to his house like he went once this week
and his dad wouldntmy friend talk ot him than today he texted my  bf and
asked if he could talk for a second and give him something from me and to
please answer so he knows to stop trying to talk to him or to still be friends ..
he says through  text that he is also getitng a restraining order for my friend
becauase he wont leave him alone like are they trying to scare both of us now
we know its really him wanting not to see us again but everything has been
done through texting I have no idea what to do do i need to take action
everything has been done through texting so idk.

his private investigator called me and asked questions and he only know what
tyler(bf) knows i gave him fake names.

things he told my friend:

-u will be served with papers soon and a restraing order? possible
-i never gave my bf my real name or my parents  real name? illegal if
-and he said hes going to have us persecuted and charge us with fraud
harrasment? possible
he kept on telling my friend if he replied to the text he would call the police
and they would come arrest him? but how would my freind know it was my
bf? not his parents or brother

is it possible for him to put a restraining order on me and my friend at this

The laws regarding restraining orders vary by state, so I can't say for sure whether one can be served on you.  However, if it is, you should obey it absolutely - no texting, no getting a friend to contact your boyfriend, no contacting his brother or anyone else in his family.  When someone tells you not to contact them, and says it several times, you must take that seriously.  If you continue to contact them, that could be harassment, stalking, or some other crime.  

You might want to contact a local lawyer who is familiar with family law issues to find out exactly what laws you might be breaking, and how to deal with the situation. Your local Bar Association might have a referral service to help you find the type of lawyer you need, at a price you can afford.  Some online resources include:
You can also try terms like FIND LAWYER MASSACHUSETTS (with your state substituted there) in a online search engine to locate other legal resources close to home.

It seems that your boyfriend definitely wants to break up with you and have no further contact with you.  The breakup may be painful for you, but you should respect his wishes and move on.  There is no point to trying to keep him in a relationship that he doesn't want.  I'm sorry that this probably isn't the kind of answer you wanted, but it is the best advice I can provide to you.  
 Stays safe,  Lyn  

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