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Dear Nic,

 I have a two tier question for you.  THe first one is that I am trying to find someone that I was good friends with when I lived in Las Vegas.  We have both moved, and I know which city he resides in and in what state.  I also know his approximate age and the girlfreind's occupation.  The problem is when I look for him in directories of "google" him it comes up with nothing.  I was wondering if there was an easier way to locate this person?
   Secondly, I have a keen interest in private investigations,  but as you can see from the above question, I really do not know much about how to do investigations.  Is there an organization that you would recommend that provides training that is  both recognized and respected?  I know there are an aweful lot of programs online that claim to train you to do the job better than anyone, but how to O know who is legit and who is making a buck?  is there an authority on this topic you can point me to?  Thanks for all of your help!



Hi Juan-

As to you first question, why don't you just give me the person's name and I'll be glad to look him up for you. Might save time!! To respond directly to your question as to resources, have you checked out That has a fairly good search feature.

But save yourself the time, give me the name and I will be glad to do it for you pro bono.

As for schools or online courses that are reputable, I can't recommend any of the schools or online courses because I don't think any of them really cover what needs to be covered. For example, none of the courses I've seen talk about the importance of the Civil and Penal codes in each state, and how to access the areas in both that are relevant to PI work. If you can wait about six months, I am in the process of developing a course of study that will address the particular areas of investigation that are critical for a non-investigator to study to prepare themselves for the real world of investigations. It is also going to include the part that is most important and that is how to manage the business of the business. I know many investigators who are excellent in their fields, but don't make money!!

Does this adequately address what you asked??



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I can answer almost any question with regards to the individual state laws concerning private investigators; best practices and procedures used in private investigations;how to determine if the agency or investigator you are contemplating using is sufficiently qualified to do the work and if an investigation was conducted in accordance with the standards of practice and care used in the professional investigative industry. I can also direct you with regards to doing your own research in certain situations, such as finding someone who owes you money. I can steer you through the database "minefield" with regards to which databases contain useful information and which don't. I can also advise regarding the kind of information that you can legally obtain and what's not legal.


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