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I was a Law Enforcement Officer for 4 years at the largest land port in the world. I am currently looking for employment within investigations. I had a background check done on me prior to becoming an officer and would like to get into that field. So, basically, background investigations is what I would like to get started in. I live in Southern Illinois and don't know where to start. Do i take classes, get certified, or what? thanks so much in advance


Thank you for your inquiry.  The first place you need to start is by getting your Private Investigator's license.  Because you have a background in law enforcement, there may be less red tape to get through.  Either way, get your certification and just begin a marketing campaign.  Clients who would need services like that would be large corporations, temporary hiring agencies, head hunters, etc.  Make sure there is enough business in that arena before you throw yourself headlong into this endeavor.  You could specialize in that but offer other investigative services.  There are a lot of opportunities in investigations where you never have to leave your home or office.

I hope this answered your question.

Good luck to you!

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