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I was recently arrested for aggravated assault was reduced to simple assault. I need to tell you the story so you can answer me. Last year my daugter went away to college for the summer as part of a gifted program for kids. her friend and her started arguing and almost fought. the counslers prevented it and helped them to wrk things out. they go to the same school as well. Now the summer is over and its back to school. they have a physical fight after school. the next day the girl hits her in class they start fight both are suspended. the principal doesnt understand because my daughter is always the peacemake. she tells my daughter any more problems to come to her first .well the kid is still harrasing her she goes to the principal and she gets detention. I call the school request a meeting between the parents .the parents refuse. a few months later the girls are fighting after school again theres about 80 kids cirled around the fight the girls older brother picks my daughter up and throws her on the black top. my daughter comes home and tells me ..about an hr later the family is at my door the son threatens to catch up with my daugther and f her up. both of the girls are 12 yrs and the boy is in highschool . i call the police and make a report. A few hrs later i foolishly decide to call some family members to walk around to the house with me to try and talk to the mother. some of my daughters cousins are with me. A fight breaks out between the kids and two adults. i was not one of those adults. theres a swarm of people i grab my daughter because i see here fighting . it is dark out i cld not see who did what except that my neice was fighting the aunt of the family after the girls came out of the house with a pole and jumped my neice. one person had a fractured nose and two had concussions. the police report says a group of unknown persons just came to my house and started fighting my daughters. not the case the daughters came out of the house and jumped on my neice when she was fighting the aunt. i was charged with beating up all three people . the police report says at least to of the known actors was my daughter and i . my daughter told my lawyer that she was fighting the 12 yr old and my daughters aunt told my lawyer that her daughter was fighting the aunt. do you think i will go to prison? I have never been in any trouble no criminal record. after this happened the drove past my house that night and told my boyfriend to tell my daughter they were going to f her up. I again called the police. then they called my house that night . I did not answer . the number showed up on my caller id with the mothers name. I called the police again. 3 wks later the police arrest me for aggravated assault 3 counts and 6 counts of disorderly conduct. I went to a prelim family did not show up.they reduced the charges to simple assault and took of the disorderly conducts. I have orders to stay away from family they live right around the corner . I had to transfer my child to another school although both girls are at the bus stop together. the crossing guard heard the girl say how she wanted to go across the st and slap my daughter in the face . i called the police and the school district to ither have the child removed from the bus stp of to provide septa tokens for my daughter to take public transportation. i just dont know what else to do. the mother is on probation for assaulting a police officer and so is her son


This is a very unfortunate situation that you have found yourself in.  There's a lot going on here.  Your first priority needs to be getting your daughter in a safe situation.  Clearly, that is what you are trying to do.  The next thing is to get yourself a lawyer.  If money is too tight for your own private attorney, you should contact the local Public Defender's office in your state.  A lawyer can not only help you deal with your legal issues but help you with your daughter's situation as well.

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to get back to me.

Wishing you good health and happiness,

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