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My daughter wants to start riding her bike to school by herself and I have concerns about this because of the number of child sex offenders we have living in proximity to our home. Even today while I was riding my bike home from my morning ride I had a driver come up next to me and expose himself. How can I educate her with out making her fearful?

Dear Kenda-Le,

I think that you need to make your daughter fearful or at least respectful of the fact that the people you described are living close to you and represent a true danger.  There is no sugar coating this aspect of life.  You don't state how old your daughter is but I am assuming she is somewhere in the twelve year old range.  That is the age where children want to begin to take greater initiatives toward developing their self-awareness, exploring their community, and asserting their fledgling independence.  The desire to begin bicycle riding to school is usually one of the first steps.

I don't think that you can or should separate the fear from the education process.  If she is not to be suspect or fearful of someone or something then how will she know when she is in danger?   

I recommend reading the book "The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence" by author Gavin DeBecker.  DeBecker's book will educate you in PIN's or pre-incident indicators toward violence that you should learn to trust your feelings, which are the most accurate warning signs of danger.  

All in all, the most difficult this is letting your daughter go off on her own without your sphere of protection.  It is an act that all parents dread.  However, start with DeBecker's book and move on from there.  It is a step in the right direction.

Best of luck to you.


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