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Can an ssn yield financial data such as whether someone is the recipient of disability ssa ssi ssd ssr / social security   or supplemental security income benefits?
And or hospitalizations and/or psychiatric inpatient or outpatient counseling, treatment or being prescribed   psychotropic drugs?
how can this info be obtained?

The SSN or SIN can determine only what income a person has received from any benifit be it pension or old age security, disability income, employment income, interest income etc.. This could be determined by a persons tax return if you could obtain such information via a court order in the middle of litigation.   It may not show income from an insurance claim benift depending on where you live.

With respect to the rest.  This would be discovered by your health card, in Canada we call it OHIP.  This would indicate what the government has paid in the way of doctor visits, hospital visits  etc..

If your thinking of hiring someone one to discover this information for you.  Keep in mind that it is not public record so if you hire a PI or an information broker to obtain this info you would be doing so illegaly.  If you plan on using such illegal data in court it will be ruled inadmissable as a result of being obtained unlawfully.  You yourself could be charged with aiding and abeting a crime not to mention the company that sold the info to you.   

If you are in the court process be it civil, criminal or family,  it is better to try and get an order to obtain the disclosure now you know exactly where to find the information.


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