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what can i do about my deceased son's inlaws. I am administrator and they waited for five months and then they went for administration for his wife and then started filing law suits just to see if the estate owed money. Someone broke into the estate and took everything of value now they are suing me to answer to them where the alleged items went to, how did i protect them. How much are they worth and why didn't i put in an insurance claim etc. They used a key to gain entry and locked the door when they left but deny they have keys for this estate. They have refused the estate to pay any of the workers or my receipts or the estate lawyer and want 30k from me for their problems. There was no money and all the assets were junk and they want me to give them replacement cost of new things that they will undoubtedly ask the court to have me pay for. I know this was a set up. They were attempting to gain access to the estate to take what they want by using a social worker but i told her there has to be an inventory they cant just come in and take what they want. This social worker also wanted me to just open the estate and leave. These people are nuts, now they filed an affidavit that i wouldn't allow her husband to go into the estate and remove childrens items which is not what they wanted. They got all new stuff from Walmart, toys and clothing and beds according to the social worker. I am in court doing an affidavit for the third time they want nit pikky answers to things i have already answered for. A vacant building is only insured for fire not flood or theft so the insurance company wont cover this great idea they had to put value to an otherwise broke estate. They want me to pay for it now. how can i prove they were the ones that entered the property and took those items and am i actually responsible to replace them with new stuff if they were second hand store rejects. When the break in happened shortly later we had a rain storm and the basement flooded. we don't know if they threw the switch for the pump or if the power was off and the pump shorted out from the water when the power come back on. They may have set me up for headaches with this estate. it sure looks like it. The insurance investigator and the police all agree it was family but they deny it and call me a liar. I don't know how to defend this. I don't have a lawyer. i cant afford one now. this case has been in court for three years over nothing but to soak me for paying for the estate and i have no money and no job because of health problems from all this stress. help me if you can please thanks donna


Well your question is a legal one not investigative.  Your going to have to hire a lawyer.   If you can't afford one you will have to apply for legal aid.  You could also act in person.

I would start off with this however while your looking for a lawyer:

I would suggest that you start to prepare a new affidaivit of an accounting of the estate.  Start to write up what happened to everything and make a list of all of the things that are missing, stolen or whatever.   Tell your story  in writing in Chronological order of everything you have just stated with me now.

Yes I know you have done this already but do a full a complete one to the best of your ability.

If someone "broke into the estate" I assumed you called the police so get copies of all  your police reports.   If you did not notify the police when someone broke in then this certainly does not help.

If you fail to respond to this litigation the other side could obtain a default judgment on you.    You indicated that you have no money or job so clearly no one is going to collect anything from you even if they win the litigation.   

In this same affidavit I have told you to prepare go on into great detail that you have no assets, you have health problems, no job or money.   Make it clear to the other side what happened and that your are broke.  This may help you on the civil side but if these plaintiffs want to accuse you of theft or fraud this will be a whole different ball game.  But once again you will need a lawyer not an investigator.

I can't go back and forth with you on this when your problems are legal not investigative.

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