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I am currently dating someone that shares a child with an ex-wife.  He recently found out that she is having him investigated by a private detective.  During the course of the investigation, my house is being watched around the clock.  He is not doing anything wrong as they are legally divorced, but I feel like my privacy rights are being violated because I cannot go out of my house without being watched.  I am not the subject of the investigation, but do I have any rights or recourse so that I can feel comfortable in my own home?  Thank you

There really are no privacy rights being violated if the P.I. is conducting the surveillance from a common "public" area and has not placed listening devices in your home, etc.  It would be highly unlikely that you are being watched 24 hours a day because that is usually way too expensive. Unless they do something improper or illegal, I wouldn't worry about it much.  If you want to fight back a little, take photos/video tape of the surveillance/people involved.  Copy down their license plates, etc., and then take that to your local police department and see if they will confront them for harassment, etc.  Good luck!

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