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I received a call from an 866 number (blocked) claiming to have a pkg for me that afternoon and would I be home.  I asked that they leave it outside.  I became suspicious, and dialed the number back.  I got a "phony" carrier name (I searched it), left a message and got a call back - they stated that they did have a pkg for me - long story short - no pkg ever came and after a couple days, the 866 number would not accept a call from my phone number... no one has been able to help me find out who owns this 866 number.  I believe whoever it is wanted to know when I would either BE home or NOT be home so as to burglarize - or worse.  Is there ANY one able to get the name/address of the owner of an obviously non-published number????  Could the Attorney General's office help???  Where can I go for answers??  Thank you in advance for any help.

It does sound like that package delivery was some sort of hoax.  It would be hard to prove what they intended to do if you had given them the information they wanted.  I don't know of any way to lookup private or blocked numbers, but someone in the AGs office might be able to help you, especially if they have received other reports of possible criminal activity related to that phone number.

I don't think you have to worry about the owner of that phone now.  His scam didn't work with you, so he has undoubtedly forgotten all about you and is going on to try to find other people who aren't as smart and as alert to possible trouble as you!   Stay safe,  Lyn

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Are you being stalked? I can help evaluate the amount of danger you are in, and can provide very specific suggestions for increasing your safety, and for managing your situation. As a founding member and the current Vice President of AWARE (a volunteer, nonprofit organization), I have helped thousands of women learn to protect themselves from crimes ranging from minor harassment to serious assault. I am currently writing a book on safety for stalking victims. I have lectured at annual training meetings of the American Society of Law Enforcement Training, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, the International Women Police Association, the American Society of Criminology, and the American Women`s Self-Defense Association. In 1997, the American Tactical Shooting Association gave me their annual Tactical Advocate Award for teaching and writing.

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