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Oh man, where do I start? I have just spent the entire day dissecting your NNSD website. I started by searching safety for my teen in MMA and ended up on your site. My son has been in martial arts training for 10 years now, he is 14 years old and has recently become obsessed with MMA and Mui Tai kickboxing "training". He goes to a highly commercial karate school and is just a number to them. I've known this for years but he has become so comfortable and familiar with the school and students and is nervous to venture out of the familiar surroundings. The school is cult like and has been peppering my child with guilt about joining their church. This is where I drew the line.  He is part of a "specialized team" of students with "talent" and (unpaid) teaching opportunities that make them feel ABOVE the rest (I know it helps the school and not my son, but he enjoys the status just the same). I have been searching and searching for schools in Massachusetts or Rhode Island who follow your DANGO JIRO curriculum and have come up with absolutely nothing. Is there any school that you can recommend in my area that closely follow your methods of learning and training? What would be the next best thing?
I am tired of paying the "masters" million dollar mortgage and receiving NO mental or physical benefit for my son.
Thank you for helping me see through the B.S. and confirming what I have felt all along.

*sigh* I wish I could help. The thing about it is commercialized businesses have taken over the martial arts world.  The thing that I can say though is that with the economy being what it is, I suspect a whole lot of them are going to be folding in the near distant future.

About the best I can suggest is that you sit him down with a soda and have him read the Martial Arts Culture pages. Ask him how many of the things I talk about does he see in the school.

At 14 it's going to be hard for him to believe that someone -- who makes him feel special -- would be lying to him just to get money. Still a look at
might help.

Dango Jiro is a training method, not a martial art.  Unfortunately -- as you are experiencing yourself -- a lot of bad behavior is hidden behind the title of martial arts. I don't certify people for teaching Dango Jiro, because it is more of a way to help individuals find what works for them. I know some great instructors, but they are scattered along the Eastern Seaboard.

What I might suggest is to start looking into Rec center, cultural center programs and even churches. One of the best karate instructors I know teaches out of his church's gym. These tend to be non-commercial based programs (although you have to ask who the Rec Center instructor is associated with, because some are branch programs of commericalized programs). If you find a good program, you can get far better training for a lot cheaper.

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