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    I live in Las Vegas, NV and I have a small business and I do background checks from time to time. The problem that I have been noticing is that the results are very vague. I also believe most of these internet background check providers all use the same "Database" yet they all charge diferent prices. Can you give me an idea of a reputable service on the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards-Skyler

Well the databases available to the general public are not that accurate.  We as Private Detectives have access to more complete and reliable systems for background checks.  If you want us to give you a price quote, visit our website and send an email with a few details such as what you need to have checked, on average how many backgrounds you require in a month or so, etc.  I think you will be very pleased with our services and have more confidence in the results than if you did them yourselves.  We are not expensive.

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