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My separated husband of 1 month claims he has hired a private investigator.  He has recently mentioned he knows about an additional cell phone and an event I have coming up, can a private investigator find out I have another cell phone if it isn't associated with me and can he tap into my cell phone conversations if he has my cell number?  Or is this something my husband can find on his own?

There is a possibility that a P.I. could determine if you have another cell phone registered in your name.  Being registered under someone else's name would be more difficult if not impossible unless they know who that person is, etc.

The chances however, they could find out about an upcoming event or tap into that phone transmission is very unlikely.  It is very expensive and involves very highly technical abilities that most of us do not have....

If he has mentioned about having knowledge of the upcoming event, he most likely learned of it through some other source (family member, friend, co-worker, etc.).

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