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QUESTION: I have a serious question.Okay there is this older guy(I'm 13) that I talk to over the internet and we have very sexual conversations,now I haven't ever had sex before but I guess we do what you can call cybersex.Does this mean that I lost my virginity?
And can I get in trouble wiht the law for this?
How can I tell the guy that we shouldn't talk anymore?
He is really nice too.
And I told him that I don't want to be in a relationship with him and he said "okay" and I said we could just be friends and he agreed,do you think that I should keep trying to convince or do you think he understands?
What should I do now?


I'm not sure how much you stay abreast of current events, but issues such as this make the headlines quite frequently, as the FBI investigate such incidents seriously. An older man pursuing sexual acts with a 13-year old girl is not only morally wrong, but it's also illegal.

Every year, relatonships such as these develop online and lead to tragic consequences from child predators seeking to fufill their needs.

The answer to both your questions is as such. No, you haven't lost your virginity, not as you worded it in your question. Losing such is a physical act that you should save until you feel ready.

Secondly, you personally  wouldn't get in trouble (unless you count your parents, who could forward this man's online info to the police if they knew), but he is already on his way to serious legal problems. Sexual contact with minors from adults is illegal in just about every jurisdiction in the country.

For your own safety, I would cease contact with this individual immediately. He may tell you that "being a friend" is ok with him, but you don't know what he's all about. He may, at one point, want to meet you.  Do you really want to risk your personal safety over an internet "friend?"

Cease talking to this individual. Block their IM names, if needed, and give out no personal information. That'd be the best course of action for you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well he said he wanted to meet me.He's 50 and he lievs int he U.K,he's an expert on Allexperts.I even have his picture and a picture of him nude too.I didn't give him a pictur eof me and I told him that I lived in he U.S,I didn't tell him the state or city or anything.But I don't want him to think that I want a relationship with him and I don't want him thinking that we are in one together and I need to get that straight,I want to get married and I don't want my future husband to think that I am in a relationship with someone else.How do I tell this man that I don't want a relationship with him and how do I convince him?
He said he understood but does this mean that I am in a relationship with him now?
I can't get marrie din the future now,can I?

You can get married whenever you want, over 16 years old. Talking to a pervert doesn't prevent that.

You can tell him simple: that he stops talking to you or you report his profile to the site and it gets forwarded to the police in his jurisdiction.

Either that, or I will. In the end it's your choice, but I suggest yoiu get out of this ASAP.

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