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I have a serious question.Okay there is this older guy(I'm 13) that I talk to over the internet and we have very sexual conversations,now I haven't ever had sex before but I guess we do what you can call cybersex.Does this mean that I lost my virginity?
And can I get in trouble wiht the law for this?
How can I tell the guy that we shouldn't talk anymore?
He is really nice too.
And I told him that I don't want to be in a relationship with him and he said "okay" and I said we could just be friends and he agreed,do you think that I should keep trying to convince or do you think he understands?
What should I do now?

Well you can both get into serious trouble, he especially!  As an adult, and depending upon the local laws, he could be facing some serious jail time for solicitation of a minor for sexual issues. They can arrest him and find out about your contact through a computer forensics examination of the hard drive, etc.  You need to let your parents know about this situation and stop it immediately with this guy.  Tell him it is wrong and you can't have any more contact, at all!

Again, tell your parents that you have been having contact with an adult this way and certainly don't do anything like this again in the future unless you want to risk getting into a lot of legal trouble that will involve your parents for sure......

My advice to you is only use the Internet for homework, music, and contacting friends that you KNOW that are your AGE!

Good luck.

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